Weekly Wisdom

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

    Let's face it, no matter how healthy we are everyone deals with inflammation at one point or another...it's uncomfortable, stressful and can be harmful if not addressed. There are many causes of inflammation and it's different for everyone because everyone reacts differently to different stressors. But the thing that matters is how to mitigate the effects of inflammation, and make it go away!
  • Eagles in action

    This week's blog comes from one of two of our favorite Eagle lifestyle members, Maria and Paul. These two are a traveling couple from Raleigh, NC who in their free time enjoy cooking together, being active and spending time with their pups and loved ones.  They’re both NC State grads who enjoy giving back to the community and supporting local businesses. Two years ago they created an Instagram to share about products and restaurants they love as well as their extraordinary adventures. They hope to one day travel the world and share their experiences with their friends and family. Check out their site Eat and Travel and instagram @eatandtraveldotnet