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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling can be challenging. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, maintaining an exercise schedule and eating regimen is hard. Most people fall into the trap of grabbing an easy (unhealthy) snack because they failed to plan ahead.

 Maintaining an exercise schedule on the road can be hard or even impossible. It is important to set proper expectations. What will your schedule be like and what can you reasonably expect to accomplish? Don’t beat yourself up, just do your best. Find out what type of access you will have, whether a hotel gym or a gym that is local to your location. Remember that even just going for a walk is better than laying around your hotel room. Bringing your own bands or other easy to pack equipment is also a great idea. [Core Prodigy]

Since your fitness routine may change, it is even more important to eat healthy. One of my biggest personal challenges is staying away from candy and sweets. It is even harder when traveling. Candy can seem like a nice pick-me-up or a bridge to hold you over until your next meal, but it usually leads to more cravings for unhealthy choices. You ultimately end up feeling hungrier and/or more sluggish than you started.  Even if I pack protein bars, they’re typically loaded with sugar and calories.  As a great alternative, I found Cravze--a sweet craving-busting treat with plenty of health benefits. It is like a healthy protein candy that tastes great and is easy to pack and take anywhere. 

Cravze are Mento-sized chewable candies that contain collagen and protein. With less than one gram of sugar and only 10 calories per serving, these candies have got to be one of the healthiest sweet treats on the market. They also contain no artificial color or preservatives. The watermelon flavor tastes great and more than satisfies my sweet tooth, and the protein protects me from the sudden drops in blood sugar that I would get from other candy. These treats have become my go-to snack and keep me from getting “hangry”.  We keep them stocked in our kitchen for an easy-to-grab treat and stashed in the car for when we’re on the go. They’re even good as a quick post-workout protein boost.

-Maria and Paul

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