Healthy Recipes

  • Turkey Burger with Homemade sweet potato fries

    Alright, time for a personal favorite of mine...turkey burger with sweet potato fries! Whenever I am cutting fat or getting ready for a sporting ev...
  • Garlic Butter Pork Loin

    This is a hearty dinner that would be perfect with a glass of white wine or light beer (assuming you had a fantastic workout earlier in the day). I...
  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

    This is a personal favorite of mine. Anything buffalo chicken is for me and these meatballs are amazing.  Ingredients   3/4 cup panko bread crumbs...
  • Pan Roasted Swordfish Dinner

    Swordfish is arguably one of the best eating fish money can buy. Not only are they great sources of protein and healthy fats but it's flaky and fir...
  • Slow Cooker Southwestern Chicken

        Chicken can be difficult to make interesting and remain healthy. This is a perfect recipe that can go on in the morning and with a little bit o...
  • Protein Energy Poppers

    Clean, delicious protein packed energy poppers...the perfect snack for you or the kids!

  • Garlic. Butter. Salmon. Mmm.

    One thing we love at Eagle is a meal that has healthy fats for quality energy, is low (or no) in processed carbs and is made with 100% whole foods. The closer you can get to a natural, not processed food the better. It's how we were meant to consume food. We believe that when it comes to anything you put in your body, it is worth the investment.

    round gray plate with cooked food

  • Healthy (and Delicious) One Pan Chicken Dinner

    Super simple dinner piled high with chicken, veggies, and potatoes that's easy and delicious!