USA Made and Sourced Vitamin C - United C. China Free
More than 95% of all Vitamin C is produced in China.  Not United C.  Made and sourced in the USA. China Free
China Free United C Vitamin C by Eagle
Where does your vitamin C come from?  United C is sourced and made in the USA.
Calcium Ascorbate United C - Vitamin C
Eagle Supplements Vitamin C - United C

United C - Vitamin C Sourced and Made in the USA

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Did you know that 95%+ of all Vitamin C is sourced from China? This may be confusing because the label of your brand says "Made in the USA." Most brands source the raw ingredients from other countries and combine them in the USA. This enables companies to use the "Made in the USA" wording which is purposely confusing to customers. Our United C uses ingredients only sourced from the USA and contains NO ingredients from other countries.

China Free Vitamin C from Calcium Ascorbate.  60 Capsules per Bottle.  1 Capsule per Serving. 

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