Promise Big, Deliver Big.

Today is a very special day. Many months ago, we (Brady, Brian and myself) were talking about all the things we didn’t like about the nutritional supplements on the market. Brady, having already innovated the fitness equipment world with his company Core Prodigy, was pondering how he could finally fix supplements for good. As we have a common bond being fitness guys, we're always looking to improve our lives to be healthier, more fit, and more efficient. After looking around, we found 99% of supplement companies out there are just chasing the latest fad, putting a shiny label on their “game changer” and pushing it to the masses. We carefully take a holistic approach to health and fitness and the products available today do not represent not who we are or what we stand for. We founded Eagle as a representation of ourselves and the shared journey so many like us face. Our philosophy is pretty simple, we believe in: simple nutrition, safe workouts and smart supplementation. 

Simple nutrition means something different to everyone and foods affect people differently. It takes time to find what your body needs and it's about the journey, not the latest fad, or diet. We believe in fact-based nutrition and finding how you respond to different types of food. In its simplest form we believe in eating whole and avoiding processed foods to fuel your passions. 

Safe workouts are about challenging yourself each time you step in the gym, hit the pavement or jump in the pool. A well balanced program is something that’s tailored to the individual based on their goals. Whether you’re training for a half marathon, iron man or just getting back in shape after the holidays, consistently following a safe, well put together program is extremely important in achieving your goals.

Smart supplementation is really the problem we’re trying to solve. The majority of “companies” out there will use stock formulas that are available by manufacturers. These products are not science forward and they use a one-size fits all approach to supplements. Even worse, sometimes there will be a fitness “guru” who is pushing their new supplement “brand.” So often, these “guru’s” are actually taking performance enhancing drugs, working out 2-3 times a day and are just trying to capitalize on their unhealthy or unrealistic physique. Our supplements are simple, effective, safe. 

We’re building a community of well-balanced, health and fitness focused people...and we’re just getting started. Stick around to see what’s coming, because you’re gonna dig it.


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