How to: Avoid the YoYo TRAP

If you are into fitness/working out, chances are you've had the thought "I'm going to take the next 30 days and just get into phenomenal shape." Most motivated fitness people will get inspired by a post, picture or video that gives them the jolt of energy to make significant changes to their workout/diet plan. The trouble that this often brings is that level of intensity is unsustainable. Let's face it (spoiler alert) you are a human! You have responsibilities, kids, a job, friends and a life that needs you present in. This combination often leads to what we call YoYo dieting. Periods of intense workouts, dieting and habits that are unsustainable then leading to periods of lax workouts and eating habits. 

The great folks at Precision Nutrition developed a graph that shows this perfectly. The Essential Guide to Reverse Dieting | Precision Nutrition

COVID hasn't made this any easier but we're not about excuses, we're about solutions. So it's time to try something new and turn that burning passionate energy into a smaller warmer ember that is going to burn for a long time at a sustainable rate. How are we going to do it? Good question.

1. Set a 30, 60 and 90 day goal.

  • This can be a running goal, a target weight, develop healthy meditation habit, etc. etc.....but the next step is the most important, WRITE IT DOWN. Write you goal down and make it real. 

2. 85% Healthy 15% Treat

  • We've all heard of cheat meals, sometimes turning to cheat day(s). To prevent the awful feeling that comes from a huge cheat meal we suggest trying to incorporate a small amount of food that you consider a treat into your daily or every other day meals. (personally it's all about delicious sauces for me)
  • Having a planned balance will keep you on track longer and build sustainable habits that keep you healthier for longer. 

3. Stay moving

  • With gyms closed we need to get creative and stay moving to keep on track. While we may miss the mirrors at the gym, we don't need them. (although sometimes it feels like we do) We can easily head over to  and grab some equipment, or go for a run/do a HIIT workout in the driveway....the point is we need to stay moving for our bodies and minds to be healthy and happy. 

Remember this: Simple, Safe and SMART 



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