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'Recovery Pack' Cravze Collagen Tablets + Organic Turmeric Capsules

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Recovery Pack - Cravze + Turmeric

Our recovery pack is designed for athletes who are continuously pushing their body to the limit. Whether you are lifting, running, swimming or jumping rope. These two supplements will provide exactly what you need at a discount so you can perform your best.  

Cravze is a protein candy that is healthy, all-natural, and provides that all-important protein and collagen boost.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is the substance that holds the body together. Collagen helps to provide strength and structure.

The Importance of Collagen:

Collagen is naturally produced by the human body and provides structural support in connective tissue, muscle, and skin. Collagen plays a role in joint and bone health. It is the protein responsible for skin elasticity.

Cravze is made with Peptan, which is globally recognized as the leading collagen peptide brand. Peptan is the one bioactive ingredient that brings you a step closer to a healthier tomorrow.


Cravze will help you fight your sweet tooth. The suggested serving size is 2 tablets. It is recommended to take Cravze before the craving becomes too intense. Examples of optimal times to take Cravze would be:

  • Running late on your typical mealtime
  • Heading into a long meeting
  • Just completed a workout
  • Simply need a sweet treat


Turmeric, a spice that has long been recognized for its medicinal properties, has received interest from both the medical/scientific world and from culinary enthusiasts, as it is the major source of the polyphenol curcumin. It may help in the management of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery and performance in active people.

  • Highest Potency and Maximum Strength: Our maximum strength formula contains 1500mg of turmeric root, with 95% standardized curcuminoids and 10mg PiPerine extract.
  • Joints: Our potent vegan-friendly Turmeric Curcumin blend can help issues with joints caused by strenuous everyday activities. 
  • Maximum Absorption: You deserve the most bang for your buck, which is why our formula contains 10mg of Piperine (a black pepper extract). Turmeric curcumin on its own is poorly absorbed, but studies show that adding Piperine can increase absorption by as much as 2,000%. 
  • Made right here in the USA - manufactured in an FDA-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines. Our turmeric with Piperine is third Party Tested to assure the highest quality and purity of each batch.